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GEAR:30 Standup Paddle Board Meet-ups

Summer Standup Paddle Board Meet-ups

Dates | Locations | Tickets

  • June 7th | Windsurfer Beach, Pineview Reservoir | Event Over
  • June 28th  | Causey Reservoir | Tickets
  • July 19th  | Windsurfer Beach, Pineview Reservoir | Tickets
  • August 9th  | TBD | Tickets
  • August 30th  | TBD | Tickets

These events are for those with a desire to meet other standup paddle boarders, or try paddle boarding for the first time. GEAR:30 will take the hassle of hauling boards or blowing your board up and do it for you by hauling gear up to the meet-ups.

All equipment will be transported and distributed on location by GEAR:30 staff. All you need to do is show up and take the board out for an hour spin. This activity is perfect for families, friends, or singletons who want to enjoy a summer evening with others. What better way to spend your summer nights!

$15 dollar tickets cover one time slot for one board. For more boards, buy more tickets in the same time slot. For more time, buy tickets for multiple time slots.

Remember to purchase your tickets in advance. $15 for one hour includes board, leash, paddle, and PFD.

Click Here to Purchase Tickets


Tube the Ogden


***HOURS UPDATE:  Friday & Saturday July 21-22, Hours will run 11am-5pm***

Friday’s & Saturday’s Noon – 6pm | All Summer

Save Time: Sign the Waiver Now.

Rental Prices

All Rentals include 48″ inflatable river tube and personal flotation device.


48″ Inflatable River Tube for a single ride down the beautiful Ogden River.

HEAT WAVE…..$10.00

48″ Inflatable River Tube as many ride as you want in one day.

TEN PUNCH…..$80.00

Buy it once, get 10 “Heat Waves” in a single punch pass. Valid through Labor Day 2017


Where do I pick up my rental/put-in to the river?

To make it easiest for you, you pick up your tube and put-in to the Ogden River at the same convenient location at Ogden’s Pioneer Stadium West Parking Lot.

What do I need to bring?

You only need to bring clothes that will be comfortable when wet (you WILL get soaked). You don’t need to bring your own Personal Flotation Device (A.K.A. a life vest). Utah Laws require you to be wearing one when on the river, so we hand one out as a part of every rental package.

Is it dangerous?

Tubing, like skiing, hiking, or any other outdoor activity carries inherent risks. Sections of the Ogden River are classified as Class III Rapids. This isn’t a lazy river, you will tip over! It’s an exciting ride that will get your heart pumping. Kids under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We do NOT recommend bringing small children along for the ride for certain sections of the river. Ask an employee for their recommendations on what section will suit your group best.

Where do I drop off my rental?

The Ogden River will take you on a wild trip westward. There is a pull out ramp near Gibson Avenue and 18th St where the journey ends. An attendant will be there to help you get out if you need assistance. You can leave your tube in the drop-off area as you exit the river and we will shuttle it back to where it needs to go for you!

How do I get back to the put-in point?

From the drop off point you can take a beautiful walk eastward along the Ogden River Parkway which runs right by the Ogden River. This roughly 2 mile walk will lead you past some of Ogden’s gems like Slackwater Pizzeria, the Prairie Schooner Restaurant, Ogden’s Pioneer Stadium, and Lorin Farr Park and Swimming pool.

Shuttles: Shuttles provided by the Weber State Outdoor Program will run Saturday’s July 8th – July 29th.

Can I make reservations?

We function on a first-come-first-server basis. That said, tubes are constantly being shuttled back from the pull-out point so you won’t be waiting long if at all.

How long does the trip take?

Trip time down the Ogden River will fluctuate with the volume and flow-rate of the river at any given time. However we find that a typical float trip gives you 1-2 hours of cool, refreshing fun.

Still have questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer them!


Backcountry Skiing Equipment : What you need to get started

Equipment you need to start backcountry skiing

What if you didn’t have to wait in the lift line to get to your turns in on a great powder day? What if you could not only avoid the lines, but also the crowds, the expense and have access to miles and miles of virgin pow? Enter Alpine Touring.

Alpine touring (or A/T for short) is as old as the sport of skiing itself but with the advent of modern technology and materials development, A/T skiing has taken on a new life and is gaining interest from adventurists the world over. It’s the sport, neigh – – the art, of traveling into the backcountry across snow on top of skis and gear that is specially designed to not only get you to the top of the hill, but to give you all the control you want as you descend. There’s no need to sacrifice your downhill thrills for uphill comfort.Unlike it’s cousin, cross-country or nordic skiing, you can still rip through the chutes and drive all the power you need to your edges to lay down some hard-charging “s’s” that would make Warren Miller melt with delight.

By now, we hope that you’re drooling a little in anticipation. Before you head out the door in search of winter adventure, take a look at this short video we put together to tell you what you need to get started with your A/T setup. Our good friend Mike Henderson at Weber State University’s Outdoor Program is here to tell you about some of the necessities and explain how they work.

You can watch more videos like this over on our YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe for new weekly videos)

The Road To Mighty

One of the many unique things about Utah (other than our affinity for Green Jello and California Gulls) is that we have five, count ’em — five, national parks within our borders. These crown jewels have rightfully been dubbed “The Mighty 5“. One of the other great things about Utah is its beauty and adventure are everywhere, not just inside The Mighty 5’s borders. The good folks at the Utah Office of Tourism have put together several road trips that to help you plan not just for the destination, but for the journey as well.

Choose the length of your stay, where you want to spend time and what activities you’d like to do there and their website will help you put together an itinerary for the perfect Southern Utah road trip.

Start your adventure here.