Backcountry Skiing Equipment : What you need to get started

Equipment you need to start backcountry skiing

What if you didn’t have to wait in the lift line to get to your turns in on a great powder day? What if you could not only avoid the lines, but also the crowds, the expense and have access to miles and miles of virgin pow? Enter Alpine Touring.

Alpine touring (or A/T for short) is as old as the sport of skiing itself but with the advent of modern technology and materials development, A/T skiing has taken on a new life and is gaining interest from adventurists the world over. It’s the sport, neigh – – the art, of traveling into the backcountry across snow on top of skis and gear that is specially designed to not only get you to the top of the hill, but to give you all the control you want as you descend. There’s no need to sacrifice your downhill thrills for uphill comfort.Unlike it’s cousin, cross-country or nordic skiing, you can still rip through the chutes and drive all the power you need to your edges to lay down some hard-charging “s’s” that would make Warren Miller melt with delight.

By now, we hope that you’re drooling a little in anticipation. Before you head out the door in search of winter adventure, take a look at this short video we put together to tell you what you need to get started with your A/T setup. Our good friend Mike Henderson at Weber State University’s Outdoor Program is here to tell you about some of the necessities and explain how they work.

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