Born in the Mountains – KUHL



Back in the early 1980s, four friends had a vision to start an outdoor apparel company that was innovative and fresh. These four friends—John Engwall, Conrad Anker, and Jay and Kevin Boyle—were hardcore skiers and alpinists and they wanted product that worked in the conditions they liked to play in. They started out with a single product—a Peruvian-style winter hat. Shortly after, they made the hat out of polyester fleece material and it became the standard for winter headwear.


At the time, they called themselves Alfwear, named after John “Alf” Engwall who was the original designer of the hat. Only a few years later, John was tragically killed in a car accident and two of the remaining business partners decided to pursue their own personal interests. Kevin Boyle stuck with Alfwear and focused on designing innovative, functional, and stylish outdoor apparel. Later, the name was changed to “Kuhl” and Kevin and his team continued to add piece after piece to the collection. After many years and many awards, Kuhl is now one of the fastest-growing apparel companies in the outdoor industry and is still locally owned and operated.


Kuhl is known for using innovative fabrics and patterns that flatter while still allowing incredible freedom-of-movement. GEAR:30 has carried Kuhl products for about two years and it has become one of our staple brands. We’d like to share with you a few of our best-selling Kuhl products and hope that you will check out and experience this brand if you haven’t already.




Rydr Pant – This is Kuhl’s best-selling men’s pant, and for good reason. Not only are they super durable and nice to look at, but they are comfortable because of their incredible fit. They have a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, and the right fit around the waist to keep things covered when you bend over.


RevolvrWhile the Rydr pant is Kuhl’s overall best-selling men’s pant, the Revolvr is their best-selling summer pant because they are much lighter weight. They still offer the same great fit features as the Rydr and are super durable.

Kuhl_Ms_5105_RevolvrLean_Sawdust 13

Airspeed ShirtWe bought these shirts as our staff uniforms and it’s probably the most comfortable collared shirt I own, especially during the warm summer months. I often get compliments on how nice they look. It is a techy and more comfortable take on your classic fishing/travel/Ex Officio-style shirt.  They are available in long or short sleeve styles.

Kuhl_Ms_7191_AirspeedLS_DesertSage 6Kuhl_Ms_7191_AirspeedSS_Carbon 33



Mova PantPretty much every single woman that tries this pant on ends up buying it, they are that comfortable. They are stretchy and soft enough to wear all day and all night long, but don’t look so casual that you can’t wear them out on date night. Pretty much all the Mova styles from cool are winners, but our best-sellers are the original Mova Pant and the Straight Pant.

Kuhl_Ws_6199_MovaPant_CharcoalHeather 4

Splash Roll-upThe Splash Roll-up pant is a great all-round pant for outdoor use. The cargo pockets are cute and functional; the legs roll up and snap into capris; the fit is dialed and flattering; and the cotton/nylon/spandex blended fabric is soft, wicks well, dries quickly, and is durable. These pants also come in a short option that is knee-length with all the same benefits as the pant.


Flight Jacket and Vest – The Flight Jacket and Vest are two of our favorite cold-weather items. It is super soft, warm, and has many functional pockets. But everybody’s favorite thing about these pieces is that they are so cute and have a unique look. If you want a functional fall and winter jacket but don’t want to wear the same jacket as all the other outdoor women around, this jacket is perfect.

kuhl_womens_2015_flight_sherling_style_page kuhl_womens_2056_flight_vest_sherling

Sora HoodyThe Sora Hoody is a cute, traditional hoody with technical functionality. It is made of a polyester/spandex material that wicks moisture and dries quickly and is super soft against the skin. It is UPF30 for great sun protection, but also works well as a layering piece during the colder months.

Kuhl_Ws_8269_SoraHoody_MountainJade 21