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How to (kind of) Train for 100 Miler in Three Weeks – Greg Reynolds Interview

Greg Bear 100 Finish copy

Greg, his wife, Kelsy, and their son, Lincoln at the Bear 100 Finish – image: Caleb Wilson


Greg had never run 100 miles, or 50 miles, or even 50K (31 miles), but on somewhat of a whim, his wife signed him up for the Bear 100. You know, to give him a push. Greg had just over three weeks to prepare. He finished. His time, 34 hours and 40 minutes. Hear how he prepared, formed an intelligent finishing strategy, and stuck to his plan.


Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show: Episode 144 – The Shutdown

ooa show the shutdown image 1

Podcast Action. Image Credit: Mark Bokish @mountaintoprebel


So, the government shutdown blows. The Washington Post ranked Ogden-Clearfield as the 6th most federally dependent city in the Nation. Utah is home to 5 awesome National Parks, all shutdown. Park Facebook admins all posted something similar to, “Because of the federal government shutdown this National Park Service Facebook page is inactive. We’ll start the conversation again when we get back.” I guess if you aren’t getting paid, it’s too hard to update Facebook. Bummer. Also, river guides can’t put on the Colorado, Snake, or Green (or so we’ve been told), and long-awaited backcountry and river permits are now worthless.

Maybe paddlers could all just go urban like Ben Marr:

Let’s hope The Shutdown ends sooner than later…

GEAR:30 Buyer, Greg Reynolds, finished his first one hundred mile trail run last weekend. Crazy thing is he only had three weeks of preparation. We chat with him to learn how he went from “couch to hundy” in just days. And, no, it’s not a recommended training strategy.

Greg Bear 100 Finish copy

Greg, his final pacer and wife, Kelsy, and their son, Lincoln – Bear 100 Finish Line – Image credit: Caleb Wilson




Ogden Outdoor Adventure Show Episode 144, The Shutdown – Listen Now: